We own a wide variety of footage that is available for any size budget, from small independent productions, to television broadcast, or feature film usage. Our library has most species during the day and at night including whites, tigers, hammers, blue and makos from all around the world. Please contact us with your footage and usage requirements, and we’ll prepare a bid for your project.

Image Licensing

We own a wide variety of photographs that are available for licensing. Please contact us with your image requirements.


PRE-PRODUCTION - Consultation. Branding. Design. Logistics. Location Planning. Our producers and project managers will work with you from vision to implementation

STUDIO & LECTURE HALL - Our studio in Rhode Island is a large space (4000sqft) available to rent at an affordable price

POST PRODUCTION - We utilize adobe creative cloud suite on our state of the art Mac Pro Tower, Mac pros and 4K-6K monitors to create visually precise and stunning videos & images

                   UNDERWATER EQUIPMENT

RED WEAPON UNDERWATER SYSTEM - Nauticam underwater hosuing, Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens, 230mm glass dome, 100mm glass dome, Keldan 8000 Lumen, 3X cards, 7" touch screen monitor & nauticam housing & live stream setup

CANON 1DXII UNDERWATER SYSTEM - Nauticam underwater housing, sea & sea YSD2 strobes, Keldan 8000 Lumen, Canon 16-35mm lens, Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens, 2X256GB cfast 2.0 cards, small HD 502 bright monitor with nauticam housing and live feed setup, 230mm glass dome, 100mm glass dome

UNDERWATER COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS - 5 underwater face masks with communications box

DRONES - mavic 2 pro with accessories, 2 racing drones, phantom

CATS CAMERAS - High-resolution multi-sensor recorder, which is capable of resolving fine-scale movement in addition to having the advantage of recording video. Scientists are now able to verify these recordings via the video images. It overlays the data recordings onto the footage, thereby enabling the analyst to pair the sensor recordings directly with the video recording. Contains accelerometer, gyroscope, magnemeter, pressure, temperature & light

MISCELLANEOUS - scuba jets, Canon 5DIV still camera package, Canon 7DII Camera Package, GoPro Cameras & Mount, Thermal Vision Camera, Neon Light, Osmo Pocket, Canon 100-400mm lens, Canon 24-105mm lens

                   STUDIO EQUIPMENT

APPLE PRODUCTS - 2 mac pro towers, mac book pro, 4k&6K monitors