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333 Productions LLC provides Hi Definition underwater cinematography of the highest quality, as well as production coordination, expedition planning, underwater filming logistics, underwater/topside filming, as well as full post-production capabilities.

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Whale sharks


Isla de mujeres , Mexico

whale sharks / manta rays

Tiger Sharks of Grand Bahama


Grand bahama , Bahamas

tiger sharks / lemon sharks / reef shaerks

must show advanced cert for night dives with tigers



Great Hammerhead Sharks


Bimini , Bahamas

great hammerheads / bull shars / nurse sharks / dolphins

must show advanced cert for night dives with hammerheads


Oceanic Whitetip



Cat Island , Bahamas

oceanic whitetips /silky sharks / dusky sharks / marlin

must show advanced cert for night dives.

Blue & Mako Sharks


Blue sharks /Mako sharks /basking sharks /oceanic sunfish / humpback/mikie whales .

Join Pelagic Expeditions during the summer months for day trips running offshore Rhode Island for encounters with Blue & Mako Sharks.