About 333 Productions LLC

Bill Fisher

Bill Fisher is 333 Productions Executive Producer. His love of sharks grew from the books of Jacques Cousteau and Eugenie Clark, and later the movie JAWS. After seeing a VHS bootleg of the movie some years after its release, he was hooked on sharks.

While visiting Grand Cayman island, Bill swam with his very first shark, and, as they say, the rest is history. He quickly learned to scuba dive and began going on any shark adventure he could manage. After meeting Joe Romeiro on a shark expedition in 2006, the two went on to form 333 Productions shortly after.

Combining Bill’s production background, and Joe’s cinematography skills, they began making films about sharks and the underwater world they had been experiencing. 333 Productions quickly made a name for themselves receiving numerous awards and recognition for their efforts. They began speaking at Dive shows and film fests around the country. Its been a dream come true to show their work alongside the legends of the underwater world, such as Stan Waterman, Wes Skiles, Howard Hall, Robert Ballard, and many other underwater icons.

As 333 Productions continue their quest to travel the world capturing images of sharks in ways that no one else has, they continue their mission: to help protect sharks by educating & dispelling the myths surrounding them.

If you would like to inquire about licensing Hi Definition footage from our library, image licensing for print publications, or any other production needs, please contact 333 Productions for more details.