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Sharks have fascinated both Joe Romeiro and Bill Fisher since childhood. They each learned to dive as a tool to experience the power and mystery of sharks first hand. After meeting on a shark diving expedition, they teamed up to form 333 Productions and produce films that help aid in the conservation of sharks and the marine environment. They want to use their experiences to help show others that many species of sharks are threatened, and some even face extinction. Joe and Bill portray sharks the way they see them, as beautiful and awe inspiring creatures that are an important and critical element of our oceans eco-system.

Joe and Bill have been guest speakers at numerous events such as The Explorer’s Club-Manhattan, Boston Sea Rovers, Beneath The Sea, Our World Underwater, and their work has been featured in numerous television productions, as well as various print publications.

“We both began diving specifically to interact with sharks. They have that special charisma that we wanted to experience in person. To be able to enter their world and swim among them is a special privilege, and it makes you want to share that with other people. Diving with them also helps change the negative image you always see portrayed. It’s hard to deny the powerful attraction of sharks, and even harder to try and change the negative attitudes so many people have about them, but once you get to experience sharks in their own world, it’s really quite incredible. The reality is that the sharks we enjoy diving with are in serious trouble due to the pressures of overfishing. Our goal is to show people the beauty of these animals and help spread the message that sharks need protection.”

Bill Fisher

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